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My Design Process FAQ

(Frequently Asked Questions)

What kind of website is best for me?
That is a question that we must answer together. I know a great deal about my own business, and very possibly nothing about yours. I am in the business of presenting information so that it is compelling and easily navigable. As an artist and designer, I know how to get people's attention. I also know how to present information in a simple to complex, drill down for detail kind of way.

I assume that you know your business better than anyone, otherwise you wouldn't be doing it. I can help you sift through complexities of your work and help you make that information comprehensible to your audience.

As a starting point, most contemporary websites are ‘responsive’. That means that they reformat for optimized viewing on the device on which they are being viewed.

If your website changes frequently, then you may want some basic CMS, or Content Management System. That will enable you to make changes to the content of your website yourself, without the need to engage frequent design services.

If you are in a competitive field, then you may want comprehensive SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, so that your website ends up on the first page of a search query.

These and many other issues go into the creation of an effective web presence. I can help you decide what is best for you.
Will I have to learn anything technical?
That's entirely up to you. I can produce a static website, and maintain it over time. I can train your staff to maintain a website, or I can build a website that has built in content management that allows you to access and change your website. All of these options are relatively low tech, but do require some hands on mucking about with a computer.
What kind of information will I have to provide?
You will be required to provide all of the written copy that goes on your website, and all photos related to your business. If you have a professional logo, then that must also be provided, preferably in a scalable format like .svg or Adobe Illustrator.

I can provide copy writing and editing services, and I can provide reasonable photography services, but they will necessarily add to the cost of doing your website. Fortunately, with the easy availability of high quality and low cost digital cameras, and of computer word processing programs, most people can generate their own raw material for building content into a website.
What additional material might be necessary?
There may be additional costs involved in developing your website. Stock photos cost money, but if the photography is good it can grab attention. We may conclude that your website requires additional third party proprietary code, especially if your site is dynamic, has built in animations or interactivity.

One thing that we cannot use in your website is material that is protected by copyright laws, such as music or artwork that we do not have permission by their authors to reproduce, or any third party code that we have not ourselves licensed to use.

Fortunately I have licensed a substantial toolkit of third party code, and depending on what you want, I may have it covered.
How can I provide you my content; copy, images and media?
Once you engage my services you will have access to password protected testing server.You can upload them via a file uploader provided on the testing server website. You merely select the files that you want to send and then upload them according to the instructions provided. Images can be in any format.

Images should be high resolution, so that I can downsize them as necessary.

Text should be in 'text' format, and can be saved as such in most applications, e.g. in Microsoft Word go to 'file' menu, choose 'save as' and select 'Plain Text (.txt)', not 'Plain Text Format (.rtf)'. You can also use a text editor, such as BBEdit or TextWrangler on Mac OS, and Notepad++ or UltraEdit on Windows.
What about web hosting and domain registration?
I can set up web hosting services for you, as well as register your domain name. If you already have a domain name registered, my preference is to transfer it to the registrar where the website is hosted. This makes management very convenient.

Currently my preferred hosting service is Dreamhost.

If you have a domain name that is not under your control, meaning it is under the control of a third party, e.g. a former employee or another designer, then I can help you to try to regain control of this domain name. But if it becomes an exercise in futility, then it may be best to choose a different domain name. I have to charge for my efforts to regain control of your domain name, simply because it can become very time consuming.
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Here is a list of questions and considerations re. the kind of website that you want to represent you. You may have very good ideas about design. We can help you facilitate them.

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