About Suzumebachi Design

Suzumebachi Design was founded in 1993 as webxdesign (wxd) services. The first website design produced by wxd was for the artist and designer William E. Elston, and represented an online gallery or portfolio of paintings. It was sufficiently unique at the time to appear on the home page of Mosaic, the Netscape Navigator predecessor that was being developed under the auspices of the National Center for Supercomputer Applications (NCSA) at Carnegie Mellon University.

Webxdesign services also produced the first commercial gallery websites in the Pacific Northwest, for Davidson Galleries and Francine Seders Gallery.

In 2005 webxdesign services was rebranded as Suzumebachi Design. The suzumebachi, or 'sparrow bee', is a giant hornet that lives in the mountains of Japan and other East Asian locales. It is known for its aggressive behavior, and ability to conquer the hives of smaller bees in short order. It may seem an inapt metaphor for web design, but it does speak to Suzumebachi Design's aggressive and efficient approach to designing and managing websites and related matters.

Suzumebachi Design has continued to develop artists' websites, as well as distinctive websites for other businesses. We've provided custom website designs that include full shopping cart and online ordering capabilities, and sites that utilize innovative content managment systems. Clients include professional artists, art conservators, organizations, martial arts clubs, businesses, and amateur artists that want a web presence in order to share their work with their friends.
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Life Without Poetry is Like Pie Without Ice Cream.

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